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Deshedding removes loose dead hair from your pet’s undercoat which normal brushing can’t!


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What the humans
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Yesterday at 11:42 AM

I can’t say enough about how easy this is to use, and how gentle it is on the cat. She purrs the whole time she’s being brushed. I’ve already recommended this to a handful of friends.


Yesterday at 8:07 AM

Since I started using Magic Fur Brush, I’ve never seen my dog so happy and healthy. His coat is
clean, clear, and full. I’d say pet owners owe it to their pets to buy this deshedder. I’ve never seen
one that works this well.


These Pets Gave
Magic Fur Brush
5 Stars - See Why

The Magic Fur Brush is PURfectly delightful. There isn’t much that makes me happy – but this is an exception.



My parents had it pretty RUFF before the Magic Fur Brush, but now they have more time to play with me - so I am happy! I love this thing!



The Magic Fur Brush

Helps Sick Pets

A portion of the proceeds from your
purchase will provide medical care
to pets in our local communities.

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Our products are backed by a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for ANY REASON, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make it right.

Overall Rating:

Excellent 151 reviews
What Customers Loved The Most:
10 Stanley T.
Verified Buyer

My new girlfriend is allergic to cats, and it makes it worse cause mine would shed so much. I’ve tried other brushes and gloves, but none would really get the undercoat where all the dander is, that’s what she’s really allergic to. Since I started using this, no sneezing and no more hives!


9.7 Paul U.
Verified Buyer

I’m one happy customer. I thought I would perpetually just have hair all over my clothes. My friends wouldn’t even want to come over cause they’d leave covered in hair from my two dogs. The shedding has gone down so much.


10 Sarah R.
Verified Buyer

My cat hates most brushes. I’ve tried everything, because he sheds so much and my apartment just looks like a mess. He loves this brush for some reason though! And I love the added shine to his coat!


9.9 Anna E.
Verified Buyer

I had no idea that my black lab even had that much loose hair on him! I don’t even think he’s looked this good after a session at the groomers!


10 Sam E.
Verified Buyer

I was skeptical about this brush at first, but I decided to give it a try, and I’m really impressed. Use it on my cat once every week or so and i notice so much less hair in my home. Less vacuuming, and just less mess in general. Great buy.


10 Celeste T.
Verified Buyer

Trust me, you can’t teach a cat not to jump up on your couch (excuse me, THEIR couch). I gave up and just accepted my couch would be covered in hair. But since i got this Sam hardly sheds anymore, and he actually likes getting brushed!


9.9 Joe O.
Verified Buyer

It took a couple of passes for my cat to get used to it. But I’m so impressed with how well this works. I love to keep my home clean, but when I got home from work, I would just clean for hours. Now I can relax and spend some time with this girl.


10 Brian H.
Verified Buyer

Even Bailey is impressed with all the fur that came off of him! I just brush him once every couple of weeks, and he hardly sheds. I even let him sleep in bed with me now cause he’s so clean!!


10 Todd L.
Verified Buyer

I’ve got a giant husky/malamut mix. His fur is insane and hard to handle. I think I spend more at the groomers each month than my wife spends on getting her hair done at her fancy salon she goes to. I had to cut back on expenses and I just couldn’t take him to get groomed every month, but then i noticed i was spending more on cleaning products. So that was a no go. I saw an ad for this and tried it out. Wow! I’m literally saving probably upwards of $1,000 every year with the magic fur brush.


9.7 Joan A.
Verified Buyer

My new kitten loves it. She rolls over on her belly everytime i bring out the brush. I love pets, but I’m also a clean freak. This helps me enjoy a clean home and my furbaby.


9.6 Erin H.
Verified Buyer

We’ve got a show dog on our hands. This is our go to brush to prep him before any show. The judges always remark on how great his coat looks. The other dog parents ask us who our groomers are.


10 Ryan F.
Verified Buyer

We’ve got two corgis, Bryce and Bruce. They’re small, but the amount of hair they leave around the house could probably cover another entire corgi. I was sick of constantly cleaning when I wanted to spend my weekends taking them out and just enjoying my time with them. The fur brush has made that possible. I use it on them once or twice ever 1-3 weeks, and it saves me and my wife so much time. A pet is an investment, but you should be investing time in them, not constantly cleaning up after them.


9.5 Carl Q.
Verified Buyer

I have a lassie dog (rough collie) and boy does he shed. It’s especially bad in the summer. My grandkids have a slight allergy to the dander that comes loose with the fur. I brush him with the Magic Fur Brush once every two weeks or so, and he hardly sheds anymore. Now if there was only a way for him to stop bringing dirt into the house.


10 Fabby G.
Verified Buyer

I still can’t get over how much hair came off of Scooter. Well, on second thought -- with the amount of hair I see around my house, yeah, this makes sense. I can’t believe the fur brush worked so well.


8.9 Josh L.
Verified Buyer

The brush is really good. I’ve noticed that there is a lot less hair around my apartment. Getting my cat to sit still while I brush is a bit of a chore though.


10 Alice E.
Verified Buyer

LOVE LOVE LOVE (and this comes from me and my 2 cats and chihuahua). Even my more “wild” cat, can actually lets me use this on him. He’s the outdoor cat, so I especially worry that he’s tracking things into the house. I use this on him more than the other two. And while I was using it, I actually got a tick out of his fur! So I highly recommend for outdoor animals.


10 Camille E.
Verified Buyer

I just resigned myself to being the crazy cat lady just covered in hair all the time. Well, I still might be a crazy cat lady in my own time, but you wouldn’t ever think I owned a cat by looking at my clothes now. Well, maybe my cat earrings give it away haha. But, anyway, this is a great product and just keeps my clothes looking great and I don’t have to go through a million lint rollers!